Our Mission

To promptly and professionally serve the needs of our community with pride, dedication, and excellence never failing to deliver quality emergency life safety services with the highest level of integrity, commitment, teamwork, and community engagement.

“Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears”
- Arthur Koestler

About Us

On July 9, 1898 a large fire occurred in High Bridge which destroyed part of Main Street. Since there was no fire department in town, a fire department from Phillipsburg came down by train.


The following year, on August 25, 1899, a special meeting of the Borough Council was called by Mayor Moore and the following resolution was adopted:



That the Mayor and Council of the Borough of High Bridge deem it is necessary to authorize the organization of a volunteer fire department for the borough and be it further resolved that the Council of the Borough of High Bridge shall appoint a chief for the department who shall be responsible to the Council at all times for the careful operation of said department, and that said chief may recommend his proper assistants to the Council.



Said Council must confirm said appointments before assistants can act, and said chief and said assistants may recommend a sufficient force of active members to safely operate the work extinguishing fires which may in the future occur.


In 1899, Liberty Hose Company was formed and known as Company No. 1. In 1901 L.H. Taylor Hose Co. was formed and was called Company No. 2.


Mr. Evans C. Wentzel was appointed fire chief for a term of one year. Mr. L.W. Bowers and Mr. C.H. Estes were appointed assistant chiefs.


The fire department was started with the purchase of two hose carriages at the cost of $73.00 each and 1000 ft. of hose at the cost of $.60 per foot. Later they had a ladder wagon which was pulled by a team of horses owned by Mr. Winsell who lived on Charles Manning’s farm.


Both companies were incorporated in 1902. The High Bridge Relief Association was formed and incorporated in 1903

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